Seven key presentation topics related to various aspects of the Willandra World Heritage area and Indigenous life are available for participating schools to select from, learn about and develop a presentation to deliver at the conference.

Students study their topic while learning how to teach other students using the Kids Teaching Kids model. Each presenting team presents for 45 minutes to teach and interact with their peers via workshops, presentations and hands – on projects. The students rotate through the presentations over 3 days to experience each subject area.

It is important for the presentations to be authentic and relevant. Educators and students are encouraged to visit the World Heritage Area* prior to the event, or our WEB site. *We aim to provide support for these visits. You will propose your chosen topic in the Expression of Interest  and confirm in your Registration Form.

Presentation Topics Description
Language & Identity the study of local language and cultural identity
Bush Foods and Medicine what life was like in ancient Mungo – the Worlds First/”Oldest” Bread-makers
Your communities aboriginal cultural history and events Let’s get to know Australia! 50,000 + years of cultural heritage and adaptation. What was the 1967 Referendum about and what did it mean to people?
Traditional activities, games and challenges Understanding and conserving cultural heritage in Australia: Games and activities are so much fun – develop your knowledge of a/or many traditional games/activities and develop a program to share.
Climate Change – World Change what archaeology can tell us about the ancient past. THE FOSSIL FOOT PRINTS, MEGA FAUNA – what life was like in ancient Mungo, how climate and people shaped land and biodiversity. And so much more…
Initiation, then and now Rites of passage in society**note this topic should be done in consultation with an Elder who is a Traditional Owner
Reconciliation, Recognition, Treaty Perhaps the biggest matter facing the “identity” of Australia. The 60’s saw massive civil rights action led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous young people working together. Today’s young people are just as critical. The repatriation of over 100 people, including MUNGO MAN, will occur in November this year.Youthu Yindi – sang Treaty. Paul Kelly and others – From Little Things Big Things Grow.