The Mungo Youth Project inc is an incorporated body of Traditional Owners, volunteers, staff representing the Willandra Lakes World Heritage office and the New South Wales National Parks Office of Environment & Heritage;

The committee provides overall strategic direction for the program in consultation with traditional owner groups and key stakeholders.


Elders of the three Traditional Owner Communities, Professor James Bowler AOM


Robert Biggs

Deputy Chair

Warren Clark



Della Philp
Traditional Owner, Ngiyampaa and Secondary Teacher, NSW DET

Jo Gorman
Area Manager, Lower Darling, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Daryl Pappin
Aboriginal Community Liason Officer, Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area

Kenny Clark
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Dan Rosendahl
Executive Officer,  Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area

Harvey Johnston
Archaeologist, Office of Environment & Heritage

Glen Walker
Principal, NSW DET

Ben Nicholson
Deputy Principal, VIC DET

Sandra Stewart
Koorie Education Coordinator VIC DET

Bree Wakefield
Event Manager, Pastoralist Banoon Station, Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area

The committee acknowledge the invaluable founding contribution of former Chair, Ross O Shea (2006 – 2013) and Helen Healy of HHO Events who managed and co-delivered the Mungo Youth Project in 2007, 2009 and 2011.