Travel Details

Schools are responsible for providing their own transport and arranging travel to the site which is located on private property in the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage area (See location details below). You will need to provide vehicle and travel arrangements in your registration form and let us know if your vehicle is available for on site tours. Please keep in mind that there is no petrol available for sale at Mungo National Park.

Supervision and Welfare

Please remember all schools are responsible for ensuring that their students have appropriate supervision during the event and travelling to and from the event. The Event Organisers do not assume responsibility for student supervision travelling to, during or after the event. Lighting towers are on site for night time but please be careful around walking the campsite at night.

First Aid

Each school must bring their own first aid kit inc. sunscreen and insect repellent. First Aid will be provided on site by St John’s Ambulance who will be in site for the entire event.


The Mungo Youth Project will take place on Top Hut Station, just outside the boundary of Mungo National Park and approximately 5km south of Mungo Lodge. 1km east of Mungo Lodge and 350m west of Mungo Camping Grounds turn south down the Mungo National Park boundary fence fire trail and travel approximately 5 kilometres until you see the entry signs on the right. Prominent signage will be displayed on the main road


Buses provided by schools may be rostered to participate in taking students on tours. A roster will be discussed prior to the event.

Contingency Plan

Because of dirt roads into Mungo National Park, if any rain is predicted in the weeks before the event we will notify all a minimum of 3 days beforehand of cancellation or changed plans.

Map and Directions

Your comprehensive guide on getting to Mungo National Park can be found here: